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We included this with much fear. This page is not recommended for the

Do you have an Objection
to being Saved?

* Is it legitimate?....
* Will God allow it?


Choose a Topic
below ...

Dealing with
Skeptics and Doubters
How to go about Personal Evangelism
amongst the so-called "Toughies"

Are you looking for a way to witness to ...
* Agnostics?
* Atheists?
* Baha'is?
* Buddhists?
* Catholics?
* Evolutionists?
* Hindus?
* Jehovah Witnesses?
* Jews?
* Mormans?
* Muslims?
* Orthodoxs?
* Pagans?
* Scientologists?
* Skeptics?
* Sikhs?
* Unitarians?
* Witches?
* Warlocks?

We could list every religion known to man, including Christians, because certainly there are people in everyone of them who are not saved.  Being in a religion does not save.  Religions have no eternal value.

Also, please note carefully what the above question asks, "Are you looking for a way to witness ... "  It does not ask if you are looking for a way to save them.  A witness is all any of us can do.  God must do the saving.

See our tract for skeptics and how to use it.

Go through the links
See what we do to witness to the lost. 
* We do not attempt to match wits.  Most everyone is smarter than we are.
* We do not attempt to find just the right verse.  God can take some of the most obscure verses and use them very effectively.
* We do not attempt to reason.  This appeals to the mind, God must touch their heart.
* We do not attempt to cover them up with verses.  Thus the old adage: "Can't see the trees for the forest."

Note that the whole witness centers around:
* Man must see himself as a sinner and in need of a Personal Saviour, Jesus Christ
* Man must see Jesus as his Personal Saviour. 
   - Not as A Saviour
   - Not even as THE Saviour
   - Not as one of the Saviours.

God can use what ever you will give Him
* to convict the lost
* to save the lost
* to bring them to full assurance
* to see them occupy a place of service, telling others the same old, old story.

See and freely use our Skeptic Tract by going to the Slide Show that utilizes screen shots to show you exactly how to handle this important tool.



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Psalms 45:17

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