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Introduction to ...
Winning and Warning
in association with
Amazing Grace Mission

Introductory Video to Winning and Warning's Public Event Ministry

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Basic Outline

1. Seek out churches willing to reach their communities with Public Events
*Flea Markets

2. Train church representatives to seat prospects at a counseling table for a witness by members who are not as open and dynamic.

3. Obtain follow-up information from prospects for
* Baptism
* Church membership
* Growth in Christ
* Bible understanding
* Prayer
* Personal needs
* Contacting: Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Workmates, etc.

4. Encourage churches to exercise the use of Public Events throughout the year to
* Keep members soul minded
* Train members in witnessing to the lost
* Touch the lost and backsliden in their communities and surrounding region.

5. Work closely with Amazing Grace Mission to
* expand work in widening circles
* receive updates for training
* new materials
* videos
* etc.

G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010