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We included this with much fear. This page is not recommended for the

Do you have an Objection
to being Saved?

* Is it legitimate?....
* Will God allow it?

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Touching Testimonies

Some interesting people and testimonies
in their own words, gleaned from the back
of their Decision Cards. These are only a
few of which we encounter every outing.

Malcolm     20
I ask God to forgive me for my sins and for the gift of eternal life.

Malcolm saw the need for forgiveness and saw it was a pure gift.

Haven        15
Feel safe, better, saved.

Haven even looked better.

Emone       18
We asked Emone what she was going to tell her friend as to what just happened to her.

Girl, I got saved and it is the best feeling in the world. Hope you soon do the same.

Darius        15
I am going to tell my family that I'm saved.

He seemed determined.

Beverly      22
My life is in order now. My slate is now clean. God has forgiven me for my sins and my future sins and I am thankful for that because God will now allow me to join him in heaven.

Beverly got the whole picture

Jasmine      22
Right now I got a desire to actually call on Jesus. I believe I can be forgiven for my sins. I want to go to heaven.

Jasmine saw the need and saw the answer.

Freddy       22
My heart feels new and happy and full of life.

Freddy did not realize when he arrived at this event that his eternity would change.

Sandra       31
Someone talked to me about Jesus, when I most needed it and it changed my life.

Every church we know of is looking for someone like Sandra.

Lupe          35
I told him to forgive me of my sins and to allow me to enter heaven.

Her testimony sounds a little arrogant, but Lupe was very humble.

Matthew    17
Opened my eyes to the sin in my life.

This was either the start of Godís conviction or a new life in Christ.

Marisol      14
Hey guys, I was born again.

We asked what she was going to tell her friends.

Crystal       23
Asked Jesus to come in and He did.

Man           45
"What are you doing here? Are you here alone? Are you selling something? If you are not selling something, how are you paying for this booth? I am an agnostic, so I don't believe what you are saying, but I certainly admire your zeal for what you believe.

The Lord may have touched an unwilling heart.

Chelsey      13
I talked to Jesus and asked him to let me come back to life again. I asked Him to forgive my sins.

Chelsey, while only 13, was carring a burden.

Gloria         27
I got saved. I am a new person today and for the rest of my life, thank you Jesus.

Gloria was a new person, but it was not a change she made, but God made it in her. That is her proof for the rest of her life that she was saved that day.

Edgar         18
I am going to tell my brother that Jesus saved me.

We should all tell our brothers and sisters. Regain that initial excitement.

Caren         40
Jesus died on the cross for my sins past, present and future.

Dan             17
Jesus saved me through all my sins.

I like the way Dan put it. He got saved THROUGH all his sins.

Charlotte   15

Jesus gave me the desire to tell someone I was saved from my sins and I going to heaven.

Charolette knew who she needed to tell.

Alejandro  28

I just know that Jesus can forgave me and gave a new life. I called on Jesus and just got saved.

Alejandro had confidence in what Jesus did for him

Boy 10-11

Boy said he was already saved. We gave him a tract and told him to give it to one of his friends who was not saved. He paused for moment, then turned to his mother wide eyed and said, "Murphy!" She nodded her head in agreement.

Everyone knows of someone who needs to hear how Jesus saves from destruction and gives life.

Church in Fort Worth

A pastor came by the booth 5 or 6 years ago and saw what we were doing. He copied the idea to be and used at his Fall Festival (Halloween replacement). They stopped by this year to tell us they have seen many, many children and parents saved. Pastor and his wife were very thankful to the Lord.

Teen Student

Many bus loads of students came to the Texas State Fair. One boy was already saved. He said a teacher gave them a project for class to take some pictures of a booth or exhibit and work-up a presentation for class. He said he was going to explain how we used the 3 Doors and the booth to tell people how to be saved. Good for him. There is always another way to get the job done.

Adela         52
Through a prayer I was reborn.

Adela wanted to see how to be Born Again

Mary Ann 42
I have been safed.

Yes, that is what she put down. We kind of like that wording. "Safed" sounds like saved and safe.

Jose            11

He was sent to get permission from his parents to hear the Gospel. 2 hours later he came with the whole family. Father, mother and 3 children asked the Lord to save them. Good job Jose.

Sam            22
Just got saved and let the Lord into my life.

Good for Sam!

Paul            57
God was explained to me in a way I was able to understand and I was willing to accept God through His Son Jesus Christ and rejoice in the name of Jesus in seeking salvation forever and forever.

It was his time to see it and the Lord did His job.

Yesunia      26
I feel  a sense of peace in heart.  I have a warm feeling of contentment.

Those of us that are already saved, know what she is talking about.

Seferino     32
I was reborn again and asked Jesus to come into my heart, Thank you Jesus, Amen.
Seferino was excited about salvation.

Deserrae    24
Prayed, a sense of relief came over me.  I felt light and bright, happiness.
We do not place stock in emotions, but RELIEF is a common system of the new birth.

Carrie        37
I was saved and will tell others.
Carrie knew what happened and knew others who did not have it.

Yesunia      26
I feel a sense of peace in my heart.  Have a warm feeling of contentment.
Heart-peace has no substitute.

Gabriel       17
I got saved while learning about it.
Gabriel was just going to take a look, then before he knew it, he wanted to be saved.

Natalie       13
I got rid of my sins.
Who would think a 13 year old would have such knowledge of the corruptibility of sin?

Kevin         14
Freed, got liberty.
Kevin knew from where he came.

Nathaly      20
I really felt a big release by asking my Lord to forgive my sin and what I had ever did wrong.  Thank you God.
Sin is a constrainer and people can feel it.

Lizette        19
I see the world in a different place for me now.  And I have been reborn and I did mean what I just said.
Lizette has a different perspective, which the new birth always supplies.

Briana        14
I felt changed like into a better person  and wanting to be one.
When a person sees what they have been and what is available, the choice is easy.

Deserrae    24
Prayed. A sense of relief came over me. I felt light and bright and happiness.
Deserrae experienced something not known before.

Reuben      45
I felt relieved of all my sins.

Sin and guilt is an awful thing to carry around.

Claudia      38
I am free.  Jesus is my Salvador (Saviour).

Claudia was mixing her Spanish and English, but was not confused about what happened.

Indira         12
I felt relieved and bad about all my sins.

Isn't it something that a child of 12 can feel relieved of sin?

Estrella      41
Found eternal life.

I wonder how long she had been looking for it.

Hermelinda           36
Got saved by the Saviour and smiled.

Everyone gets a God-given joy when they meet Jesus.

Isaac           16
New heart, * Changed  * Saved

Isaac understood!

Karen         20
God saved me from the fire.

Karen knew where she was formerly going.

Mary June 17
I fully accepted Christ into my life.

Not just received the Saviour, but FULLY!

Lady (55+) who was certain she was lost
She was standing in front of the booth about 30+ feet away.  We motioned for her to come over. She came part of the way.  We showed her what was behind the 3 door board. She came the rest of the way.  We asked if she was 100% sure that she was born again.  She said she was 100% sure that she was NOT.  She cried her way through the witness (local church member). 20 minutes later she was smiling and hugging others in the booth.
Everyone is confused. Not only do people not know about salvation, but they don't know to even ask, nor what to ask for. They also must contend with all the errors being preached and taught in almost every congregation on the planet. On top of everything else, those that deny Christianity altogether are gaining the ears of people who, just 10 years ago, would not have given them a serious thought. Some Christians have let all this get them down. But there has not been such an exciting opportunity like this in probably several hundred years. Our opportunity is simple Ö

"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher (not a sermonizer, but a lay witness)?" Romans 10:14

New Car Sales Manager
Pat and I had to buy a car.  We went to the dealership, walked through the front door and the sales manager met us and directed us to a salesman.  We told him what we wanted and what we could spend.  I played the good guy with earnestness and hopefulness.  Pat played the bad guy who was only interested in the number of years to be financed and the cost per month.  As we brow-beat the salesman, we came to a stalemate and the salesman went to get the sales manager.  After a while the sales manager finally agreed to the price Pat insisted on and asked what kind of work we did. (He probably thought we were executioners for car salesmen.) He then said he wanted to talk before we left.  As we wound up the sale, we found the sales manager and asked what he wanted to tell us.  He said he was shocked that we actually looked him up, then began to tell us about problems in denominationalism and the religious ups and downs of his family and so on.  We told him that he would probably like to know what it would take for him to be sure he could go to heaven and live forever with a loving God.  He said, "YES!"  He listened asking all the right questions, then prayed accepting Christ as Saviour. Then he repeated over and over, "I can't believe I bumped into you two." He said, "I never go through the front door and I met you there.  Then the sales man came to get me to come and negotiate the sale and they never do that, and now you came and looked me up and no one ever, ever does that."  We told him, "Not only all of that taking place, but we were on our way to another dealership and decided to try this place first." He kept saying over and over, "This is exactly what I needed.  I can't believe I have been saved."  "I need to tell my wife."  Buying a car does not have to be a dreaded experience.
Steve & Pat Andres

Katlyn        15
I opened my heart to Jesus.

Teen girls can be very expressive.

Jacqueline 43
Called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved and forgiven for all my sins and to become a changed person.

She was doubtful to start with, but wanted to know more.  She got it.

Olga, Jessica
Jessica (daughter) interpreted for me. 

She told her mother how to be born again and as Olga prayed, Jessica did, too. 

Elsa           57

Elsa was skeptical, but wanted to hear how to be born again. After hearing she commented "What a beautiful story".  She prayed and asked the Lord to save her and told Pat, "What a beautiful prayer".

He forgives us for our sins, so we can have eternal life in Heaven. Jesus died on the cross for us because he didn't want us to have to go to that horrible place and now we don't have to go there.

Erin certainly understood what happened to her.

November 21, 2009, I am not a sinner.  I am a saint.

Bryant       41
I feel good.

This is the testimony of almost everyone who sees their sin forgiven and their Saviour livin'.

Lisa           38
Realized Jesus died for our sins, which I have taken for granted.

Lisa had taken Jesus for granted, now she has taken Him as her Personal Saviour.

Falcon        17
I found the word of God and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Very profound for a 17 year old.

Jeanette     22
My heart was reborn and Steve has showed me the change.

It did not take much to show Jeanette, she was like a person waiting for a airplane: packed, and standing at the gate.

Kristina      22
I was saved by Jesus from all my past and future sins.

Kristina got her arms around what is difficult for many.  The fact of being saved from all sin in the past and even those in the future.  Not the commission of them but the judgment.

Dale            14
I learned that Jesus will never leave my heart.
We hope Dale not only learned this, but begins to rest in it, too.

Loreleen    18

I felt chills praying to Jesus.  I've been born.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen

Loreleen's father was with her.  He had already been saved.  As soon as the question was asked if they wanted to see it how to be saved, he immedi-ately said yes, knowing his daughter was not saved.

Andrew     17

I listened to him explain about the reason we cannot save ourselves and must allow Jesus to be accepted as our personal Saviour.  I have been saved.

Andrew was walking around taking pictures and when he took mine I tried to charge him for it. Then we got in the groove and got him seated.

Derek         12 - with older person

I asked Jesus for a home in Heaven.

Lacie          15

I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and let Him know that I want Him in my heart.

Lacie knew what she needed.

Raquel       58

I felt something - Whooo!

When Raquel was trying to write on the back of her decision card what had happened to her, we said, "You just asked Jesus to save you, what happened to you when you did that?"  She said, "I felt something, WHOOOO!" We told her to write that down and she did. We know salvation is not emotion, but it is a change that is experienced.


Austin        11

Pat had an 11 year old boy come by the booth who saw the 3 doors and wanted to know what "born again" meant.  Since we don't seat children 12 and under for a witness without their parent's permission, Pat told him the story while he stood outside the booth.  He listened closely, the whole time tightly clutching one or several dollars in his hand.  She did not extend a prayer because of his age (the one thing that can get us kicked out of an event immediately is an irate parent).  He left and in 10 minutes was back with a picture he had won at a dart game.  He showed Pat.  It was a picture whose likeness many assign to Jesus.  You don't know what an impact this had on us.  He had gone to play this dart game with dozens of pictures (Sponge Bob, Batman, Tweety Bird, etc) to win and he chose Jesus.  It is doubtful he had heard much about Him prior to Pat's witness, but somehow and for some reason, he wanted THAT picture.  He was very proud of it and assumed we would be, also.  He then asked a question, we have never heard before (and we have heard 99.9% of them).  He asked Pat, "Have you been into Jesus since you were a kid?"  It seemed that he was wanting to know if it was possible that kids could be "into Jesus" or maybe wondering if he was the only kid who was "into Jesus".  Pat was stunned!  No one had ever asked that .  She told him NO, but at the age of 28 she did get into Jesus when she got saved.  She talked and then he walked off with his Jesus picture.  The whole thing was so sweet and innocent; we have talked about it for days.  It seemed that somehow, God got a hold of his imagination and gave him something that we cannot comprehend.  One thing for sure, even after people leave the booth, the Spirit is still working.

Laura         27

I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and was forgiven for my sins.

Laura was sure about forgiveness.

Tzi Tzi       13

All my sins have been forgiven for my past and future.

Tzi Tzi seemed very earnest.  Asked all the right questions.  She was with her sister and mother.  All 3 asked the Lord to save them.

Koby          13

God let me go of all my sins.

Koby and teens his age, even some younger, seem to express themselves in remarkable ways.

Rosa           68

I believe in Jesus and now I know I am saved.

Rosa seems to have found what she was looking for.

Adelio        10

I felt like God went in my heart.

Adelio was with his family, who all asked the Lord to save them.  He seems to be another one of those kids with a unique way of saying what happened.

Kristen       14

I prayed to God to repent of my sins so He could save me and I could have eternal life in Heaven with God.

Kristen obviously had the seed planted and watered before coming to the both.


Juan 37

I have been forgiven for my sin and I am saved.

Juan realized he was a sinner and was forgiven.

Lydia         19

Jesus made me feel good about myself and after prayer I felt relieved.

Lydia had reason to not feel good, but when sin leaves, relief comes.

Elias           12 (with parent)

I prayed to always be in His hands.

Elias was just 12, but knew of his need for eternal protection.

 Maria         38

Cristo me Perdono

Maria was pardoned by Christ.

Kyle            13

I trusted that Christ came down from heaven and died on the cross to pay for my sins.

Kyle was only 13, but he got the message.

Karen         50

Jesus came in my heart.

Karen had some difficulties in expressing herself during the witness, but she was definite about salvation.  She was also with her grandson who made a profession, too.


Veronica    adult
It has made me feel good inside.  I know he is with me and my family.

Veronica was saved with her children.

America     13
I felt God curing my sins.  I love God and hope He takes care of me in the future.

America got what her name's sake needs.  A cure for sin.

Blanca        23
God just saved me and as of now, I am going to heaven.

Blanca expresses that from that moment on, she knows where she is going.

Chris          6
God is good.

Chris was with his mother.  When she finished writing her testimony on the back of the decision card, he said he wanted to write something, too.  He drew a cross and wrote, "God is good."

Adelina      42
Felt Free.

There is no freedom like being free of the imprisonment that you caused yourself.

Irma           44
I was saved by Jesus.

Irma knew she was saved and by whom.

Steve          10
I was saved by God. He took my sin.

Steve was with his family.  He knew his sins were gone.


Mari                       17
I felt like I know Jesus Christ and now He can forgive me.

Knowing Jesus!

Eric                         15
I have been touched by something new.  I thank the Lord for helping me realize my work today.  Thanks a lot for helping me.

Eric was grateful for us and the Lord.

Glenda                   20
I felt good.

Joel                         27
Jesus saved me.

Michael                  19
I just gave my life to the Lord so if I were to die today I would go to heaven.

God accepts every life given to Jesus.

Jennifer                 20
I prayed to God and asked Him into my heart and to go to heaven.

Cuauhtemoc          20
I meant to believe in Jesus.

Eric                        14
Sins washed away.

Eric knew he was rid of his sins.

Nathan                   18
I asked Jesus in my Heart and He forgave me.

What can take the place of Forgiveness???


Sandra       over 21
I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Sandra saw it.

Felisa          30
I said a prayer that made me feel good.  Thank you.

Don't know if Felisa got saved, but she was warned that an insincere prayer will not save.

Juan           31
Looking for a way to get to heaven.

Juan did not mince his words, he was looking and we showed him thoroughly

Sandra       16
I realized how to appreciate life better.  And to pray for my sins.  So that I the Lord can forgive everything I've done.

Vanessa     31
I realized how awful I have been with a person who I care about.  I want to treat him different and show him I care.

Vanessa seemed to see things differently.

Joe              24
Saved me.  Also, helped me.

Salvation is a great help for all of life.


Laura                     18
I asked God (Saviour) for forgiveness to save me from my sins to be reborn and go to heaven.

Juan                       14
Juan was with 5 teen girls.  The young ladies sat down in the booth to hear what it takes to be born again.  Juan stood behind the scenes, but not too far away that he could not hear.  The girls happily received Christ and their newly created heart and left with an elevated measure of excitement.  Juan told them he would catch up later, then sat down while Pat showed him how he too, could be saved.

Juan was like the sailor who overheard the location of the buried treasure, then after the other mariners left, stayed on to receive the everlasting treasure himself.

Phyllis                    65
Thank you God for coming into my life.

Jesus                      22
I asked for Jesus to forgive my sins and to come into my life.

Angelia                  23
I understand what Jesus did to save us and also that once I mean it to have the Lord in my heart I can have eternal life.

It is good to understand it.  We hope Angelia actually got it.


Logan        15
My life is saved and I can live free.

We thought these words were troubling for a 15 year old.

Kendra      17
I just called on the Lordís name and asked him to save me, and I meant it.

Erin            22
I came for reassurance and I received it.  Thanks.

We feel most readers would be surprised how often this happens.

Virginia     60
For sure Iím going to heaven.

Most would be surprised how often this does not happened for people of this age.

Hannah      18
I feel that what Iíve just done was start my life over in a way.  I thank God for people like those who volunteered to help others see the light.  Thank you.

It is difficult sometimes to realize that there are many at the age of 18 who would like to start their lives over.

Sandra       48
God came into my heart and saved me.

Roberto     40
I felt happiness and joy hearing about God.


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