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We included this with much fear. This page is not recommended for the

Do you have an Objection
to being Saved?

* Is it legitimate?....
* Will God allow it?

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Colleges - Universities
Fundamental Baptists

Is your Institution training men to ...
* Start Churches?
* Revive slipping Churches?
* Expand thriving Churches?

As ministerial students leave your school ...
they will probably ...
* start a church
* take over a church
* come in as an assistant

In all cases ...
their foremost concern will be soul winning
* Personally involved in ...
    Community Outreach
    Personal Work
* Supporting congregational involvement
    Providing Opportunities

Availing practical experience to their church members will be the biggest challenge for your graduates.
* Members will not know how to witness.
* They have tried it and felt it did not work.
* Small towns soon run out of doors on which to knock and prospects on which to call.
* Local cults have ruined door to door work.
* Some churches have begun attracting prospects to win them later, without a definite plan to do the winning.
* A large segment of the city has insulated itself from traditional soul winning efforts.  Middle and upper class citizens live behind gates, guards, employees, etc.  They usually shun obvious outreach.

How do we help your School?
* Have us address your graduating ministerial students to show them the possibilities and how we can help.
* Allow us to give your Evangelism Instructors information on Soul Winning at Public Events as another line-in-the-water.

How does Winning and Warning help your Graduates?
The Lord has given us insight and aptitude in a simple plan which employs soul winning at public events.

At first, fairs and festivals might seem like the most difficult place to win the lost.  When if fact they may be the easiest.  They are certainly the most abundant for opportunity and open hearts.  All of the first century Christians realized the usefulness of public places and gatherings of large crowds.  Pentecost is the most obvious.

Attempting to make a case for soul winning in any venue is superfluous.  We are commanded to ...

 "... be ready to every good work."  Titus 3:1

Evangelism is always appropriate
Using a good witness at public events is not the answer to everything, but as you will see, it is an excellent tool.  We have used it, as well as every other type of soul winning, since 1979.  Churches are finding Public Event Ministry as the New "Bus" Ministry.



Winning and Warning
Psalms 45:17
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