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We included this with much fear. This page is not recommended for the

Do you have an Objection
to being Saved?

* Is it legitimate?....
* Will God allow it?

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Foreign & Domestic

You and only you know the vineyard in which God has put you. 
* A Mission Board may be able to supply good information because of past experiences
* A fellow missionary may be able to supply some pertinent suggestions
But after you have been there for a while, no one knows your field like you.

Winning and Warning does not presume to know more than the person who is ...
* there
* on the ground
* doing the work

Winning and Warning is simply sharing the experiences accumulated in pubic soul winning these many years and seen the resultant effects on the ...
* the prospect
* the preacher
* the pew


Soul Winning Articles for Missionaries
The Biggest Need
* Church List presently employing our methods
* How to build a church using public events

* "Soul Winning" - The Means for Missions

* Some of the Soul Winning problems are ...

* Exercising Involvement

* We all believe in prayer

* This is where Winning and Warning steps-up

* Evangelism is always appropriate

* Experience

* Doubtful?



Winning and Warning
Psalms 45:17
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