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Speaking Experience

* Have preached and taught on over 3900 occasions.  Averaging
   speaking 4-5 times per week for 14 years.
* Have led in services in over 300 Baptist churches from Florida to
   Washington state.
* Frequent Camp Meeting speaker
* Revival Evangelist
* Mission Conference Preacher
* Pulpit Supply
* Sunday School Teaching as well as authored hundreds of
   Lessons, with over 150 for publication.
* Published Author, Baptist Bread Devotionals
* Published Poet
* Published Sermons

Practical Ministry Experience

September, 1976 - 1978
9 months after salvation I began teaching the Boys and Girls Teen Class and supervised the Youth Activities at Rocky Creek Baptist Church.

September, 1978 - 1983
Started a Young Adults Class and grew it to averaging 35+.

February, 1979 - 1983
Started the S.W.A.T (acronym for: Soul Winning And Tracts) Team which went to public events, set up a booth while handing out tracts and witnessing to to the lost.

October, 1982
Surrendered to the Lord's Will
Have been used for Pulpit Supply, Pastoring, Camp Meetings, Bible Conferences, Revivals, Mission Conferences.

September, 1983 -1986
Enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College (Baptist) and finished with excellent grades.

September, 1986 - 2000
Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church (first and only pastorate), Post Falls, ID, starting with 37 members (bus kids, nursery, etc.) and obtained a top average of 135+.

August, 1999
Started the Heritage Bible Institute with almost all the adult members enrolled.

December, 2000 to present
Joined Amazing Grace Mission (Baptist) as a Missionary Evangelist to public events from Washington state to Louisiana.  Currently Regional Director for TX, LA, AR, MO, KS, OK, CO and NM, supervising 65 to 70 events per year, while managing 24-30 events with tract distribution at 90,000+ and profession at 2,700+.

February, 1979 to present
Personal evangelism in all types of venues
* Private
* Public
* Door to Door
Personal evangelism in all types of applications
* One-on-One
* Public booth
* Training Church Members
* Developing methods for public and market evangelism, in use by
   churches and individuals nationally and internationally



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