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In the Service of the Lord
* Pulpit Supply Ministry
* Public Event Ministry
* Publishing Ministry

The following video is 5 minutes long and relates our
Public Event Ministry

Introductory Video to Winning and Warning's Public Event Ministry


Steve & Pat Andres ...
are Baptist, full-time witnesses for the Lord at Public Events in the South Central Texas area.

We work ...
* Alone
* With Other Missionary Evangelists
* With Churches

There is NO ...
* Arm Twisting
* Cheap Professions
* Confrontations
* Or anything else putting the local church in a bad light with the community

Most of the ministry is at ...
* Festivals
* Fairs 

We operate from a booth,
where agreeing prospects are seated for a ...
* thorough Witness
* given the opportunity to Call on Jesus as their Saviour
* given Assurance of their salvation

We obtain from prospects
follow-up information, including ...
* Name
* Address
* Phone
* Age
* eMail
* Written Testimony

Follow-up information is given to ...
* the Church in their area
* Churches working with us
* Interested individuals

We are supported by churches and individuals ...
to maintain a Public Gospel Witness.  This part of our ministry takes precedent because ...
* Our first commitment is to winning the lost
* Our supporters expect us to do what we can to stay busy
* Evangelizing the lost is an urgent issue

We do not solicit churches in the Pulpit Supply Ministry ...
to support us.  But we do ask, if possible, that a collection or free-will offering be taken to help cover Pulpit Supply expenses.  We realize many churches cannot afford to do much.
* Some are on their way down
* Some are just starting
* Some are trying to start again
Our ministry is "Faith Based".  We depend on the Lord to keep us going.  We simply ask churches to consider help, if they can.

We do not require for the Pulpit Supply Ministry ...
* mileage
* minimum offerings
* stipends
* per diems
* or whatever ...
We will come for the joy of helping the local churches.



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