Flea Market Evangelism

Downloading the Letter Sample Church to Church
You may want to print this page before you start.
If you are familiar with this process, you may
Click "Download" to start. If you are not familiar with this process, read further ...
* Click "Download" at the bottom of this page to get
   started, then ...
* Click on "fme-form-letter-sample-church-to-
" (online file name) then ...
* Click "Download" at top-left corner of the Letter
   Sample Church to Church Form

* The following "Dialog Box", or one like it will
   appear, offering to either "Open" (Run) or "Save"

This dialog box shows the file name: "fme-form-1-decision-card.doc",
but this changes when downloading other files.

* Choose "Open" and the form will open in your
   Word program in your computer

At this point, you may ...
* Print as many copies of the form as you wish
* Edit the form to suit your needs
* Save the form to your computer to be used as needed now and later. Be sure to save it to a folder whose location you will remember later.  We suggest you call the folder: "Flea Market Evangelism forms".

Click "Download" to get started