The Next Step

The above form is file fme-form-3-the-next-step-pages-1-4.
The file fme-form-3-the-next-step-pages-2-3 must be printed on the back of the previous file which will yield a single 8.5" x 11" page printed front and back then cut into quarters. Each quarter is folded to yield a pamphlet with 2 leafs and 4 pages.

Download form The Next Step

Completing the Form
There is nothing to complete on this form. But, your church may want to put their name, address, etc., on this form at the A. Other changes can be made, too.

The prospects takes The Next Step with them.

If your church has a brochure or tract with service times and a map, etc., you may opt to use it in place of The Next Step.

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