Meeting Objections

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Description of the Meeting Objections
The Meeting Objections form is an 8.5" x 11" sheet, printed front and back, tri-folded, yielding 3 panels on the front and 3 panels on the back. The above image is just the 1st of a total of 6 panels.

It is used to obviously meet objections from the prospects. 3 scenarios are involved here ...
* prospect casually objects, "I already go to church"
... the Worker casually says, "No, I am not talking about going to church, what we need to see here is how to be born again."
* prospect sincerely wants to learn, not teach
... the Worker may resort to the first scenario or use the Meeting Objections
* prospect wants to show the Worker what he or she knows
... The Worker now sees that the prospect wants to do the teaching and says, "We do not have time here in the booth to discuss things in depth, but give me your name, phone and address and I will call you to see when would be a good time for me to come by and here what you have to say and show you what the Bible says."
This dismisses the argumentative prospect and shows that if the topic is important, an appointment can be made.

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