Now you've done it!
We told you to be cautious.
But no, you just HAAAAD to look.

Well there is no stopping now. 
The milk is spilt.
The banana is peeled.
The dye is dyed, or what ever ...

There is just one way out of this now and the first few screens are not pleasant.

If you cannot stand the smell of burning flesh?
If you hate to hear grown men cry?
If you think things could not be worse?

Then ...
1. Close your eyes
2. Bite on a bullet
3. Put your fingers in your ears
4. Hold your breath
5. Put on your steel toe boots and use your foot to press the GO button

Wait, Wait, WAIT!
It might be a good idea to practice steps 1 - 5.

Ha!  Why am I telling you to use caution.  If you were cautious,
you would not be in this up to your ear holes, already.

Just go ahead and rush right on in and let the teeth,
hair and bones fall where they may ...