Let me start by saying:
1. There is Proof
2. I have Proof
3. Proof is available to you

 1.  There is Proof
The Proof is not a belief.
The Proof is not a hope.
The Proof is not following the beliefs and hopes of others.

It is a personal experience of each individual who is saved.

 2.  I have Proof
I have personally experienced the proof, the fact of the existence of Salvation.  That proof is the changed heart that God gave me, when I was saved.

Notice the words, "the changed heart that God gave me".  This is not a change that I made, although I have made many changes since receiving God's change.  This is a change that God made in me,
* without my help,
* without my knowledge, but
* with my complete permission.

A. What was the change?
It was a change of heart, attitude, outlook. 
 - My whole way of thinking was changed. 
 - My attitude was set on due North. 
 - My heart was made soft and pliable.
 - My hopes and ambitions were steered towards eternal things.  Away from the temporary things of this world.
 - My love for my wife and family was corrected to doing for them and not just for me.
 - My outlook at work changed to what I knew it should have been.

B. What was the change?
It was sudden.
The change was not something I grew into, although there has been some maturing since then.  It took place all at once.  The song says, "I saw the Light".  It was not the bright, white light that some speak of (and which is not mentioned in scriptures).  It was a light of awareness.  I became aware at once of the change in me.  Most of the changes came later, but
* all were sudden,
* all without my participation
* all were for
   - my good
   - the good of my family
   - the good of my friends
   - the good of my acquaintances
   - the good of total strangers

C. What was the change?
It was without plan or purpose on my part.
I made no plan to change. 
* I didn't even know what to change to. 
* I had no purpose in the change.
* I had no accomplishment to shoot for.

D. What was the change?
It was permanent. 
I still have the change, from 1976 to this day.  I have fallen away from what I should be doing, but I have always had the original change.  I have slidden back from some high points, but I never lost the change.

E. What was the change?
It was unexpected.
I did not know the Bible, so I did not even know to expect a change.  It came as a complete surprise.

F. What was the change?
It varies from one individual to another.
The next morning I could not cuss anymore.  If you had wrote a cuss word on a piece of paper, I could not have even signed my name to it.  It was gone.  Not everyone has this kind of change, but everyone has a change that is their very own.  This is the proof of Salvation.

Others can deny that I got a change.
Others can say it was wishful thinking.
Others can claim that my gears have slipped a cog.
Others can say it is all imagination.
But, I have the Proof.  It is not Proof to them or you.  It is my Proof. I am the one that received the changed heart, just as the Bible promised.

You may say ...
"I know someone who says he or she has salvation and they are despicable." 
"I know someone who claims they have been changed and they are as bad as I am or worse."
"I know lots of people who go to church every week and are as slimy as an adulterous, paid-off, wife-beating politician."
"I know women who claim to know God and know every man in town."
"I have read in history books about Christians who have fought wars in God's name."

There is one statement which addresses all your legitimate complaints ...
"Not everyone who says they have salvation, actually have it. Not everyone who says they are saved, actually are."
True proof cannot be made or denied on the testimony of the worse among us. We are certain that since you know some people like the ones mentioned above, that you have no respect for them nor for the claims of which they make. This being the case, your objections are not against God or His salvation, but against the life style of known hypocrites. We all agree.
One person well said, "I have no problem with God, His Bible or His love for mankind. My only problem is with those who claim to follow Him."

Since we are certain that you agree that the Lord is not at fault, then we should look further into what He does for His people.

 3.  Proof is available to you

There is a problem with the Proof.
The Proof does not come as evidence BEFORE Salvation.  It comes as fact AFTER Salvation.  The Proof is obtained by first extending oneself by faith.  But once Salvation is received, faith is no longer necessary for the proof.  Proof is a fact, proven by the experience of a God-
changed heart.

I promised you Proof
The best I could, I have shown you what Proof of Salvation is about.  This is not all of it.  It is not the majority of it.  It is not even explained very well.  Please excuse my ineptness. But, this is the proof the Bible promises. It is experienced by those who are truly saved.

Now, back to our original premise
The logical question is now, "Don't you want to SEE it?"

Watch out! 
You may have missed the question.
* I am not asking you to be saved.
* I am not asking you to believe in Salvation.
* I am not asking you to have faith in Salvation.
* I am not asking you to be religious.
* I am not asking you to change religion.
* I am not asking you to come to my church, synagogue, mosque or temple.

I am asking you just to SEE what it takes to be saved. 
What would it hurt to SEE it?  From your point of view, a lot may or may not hang in the balance and the only way you can know for sure is to just check it out.
Wouldn't this be a good time, while it is just you and your computer screen?  No one else looking. No explanations to make for your curiosity.