Everyone wants Proof !
And we want you to see it.

* Where is the Proof? 
* Where is the confirmation that Salvation is true?
* Where is the evidence a person can be Saved, before death?

First, let us make an hypothesis from the Christian point of view.  You may not agree with it, but please be patient.  It is basic to the proof you would like to see.

* If Salvation is eternal (cannot be lost)
* If Salvation can be obtained without personal righteousness (being good)
* If Salvation can be obtained without religious observances
    (church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc., yes, we said CHURCH)
* If Salvation meant eternity with a loving God
* If Salvation is priceless, but costs nothing
* If Salvation is offered to any individual (good, bad, very bad, etc.)
* If Salvation is offered to any person of any religion (or of no religion at all)
Then, obviously everyone would want it.

If this hypothesis is true.

Some will hold out with, "I don't believe all that!"
I don't blame you.  These are outrageous sounding claims.  But, you are not reading carefully.  "IF" all the above was true, you would want it.  "IF" the hypothesis is true, you must agree you would want it. 
 * Believe it or not
 * Laughable or not
 * Doubtful or not
IF the above Hypothesis is true, anyone would most certainly want it.

I am not asking you to believe, but simply agree that the claims of Salvation are very desirable by every segment of mankind, whether these claims can be believed or not.

Another may say, "I tried it and it is not true!"
You are still missing the point.  I am not asking if you think or know it is true, or not.  You can even assume that it is not true.  But, "IF" it was true, common sense dictates that you would want it.

You may believe it is not true.
You may think it is not true.
You may know it is not true.
You may even have proof that it is not true.
But, "IF" it was true, you have to agree that you would want it.

   "Yes, but I want to see PROOF that Christian Salvation is true"