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Edgar L. Asuncion
Missionary to Cambodia

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Salvation Testimony
Mission Call

Table of Contents
* Failure
* God Begins to Work
* Saved
* Pastor
* Missions
* Surrendered

I have been living on this earth for thirty four years; yet for nineteen of those years I was a loser.  On June 2, 1987 I discovered what I was an outright sinner. Never in my entire life had I experienced "the Victorious life "I was a failure because I was a sinner, dead in trespasses and sin.


God begins to work
One day while I was at school, I received a tract. I placed the tract in my notebook because I was not interested in reading it. I went home, put it in my cabinet and forgot about it.

After school closed I began to work to earn for my next year of school and to help with our family's needs.   During that time I would see the tract often as is fell from my cabinet; however, I did not focus my attention on it because I thought there would be plenty of time to think about those types of thing later.

One day when I did not go to work, I took time to read the tract. The words, "you are a sinner", came to my attention. I wrote a letter to the Pastor at the address on the tract to ask him some questions. I'm glad that he answered my letter and came to my house.


The Pastor talked to me and showed me from the Bible how I could be saved.  I learned that I was a sinner who was dead spiritually and totally separated from God. I learned that I could do nothing to save myself.  I also learned, however, that the Lord Jesus Christ had paid the penalty for my sin. I then bowed my head and asked him to save me.

I praise the Lord for what he has done for me.  In 1990 I graduated from the Laoag Bible School and served as assistant Pastor of Bible Believing Baptist Church of Laoag City, Philippines.


Mission Call

From 1992 through January 1997 I was the Pastor of Bible believing Baptist Church. Through all those years being a Pastor, the Lord was so good to His servant. The Lord taught me how to tend the flock and care for His sheep.

In 1994 the Lord burdened me to go father north and start a work in Pasuquin,

Ilocos Norte.  For three years we prayed and sought souls.  The lord gave us some who accepted the Lord as their savior and were baptized. However, my ministry there did not continue.


As I focused myself on prayer and study of the word of God, the Lord worked in my heart more about missions, until I was burdened to pray for more missionaries to go to the field including some of our young men and Bible school graduates. Unknowingly, as I was praying for a missionary to start a work , the Lord was working in my life that I would become a missionary

In 1996 we held a revival conference in our church with a theme for missions as I am standing there encouraging and inviting others to surrender their lives to the Lord for mission, the Lord was working in my heart saying, "why not be the first to surrender your life? "  Through much searching and praying the Lord began to enlighten me from His Holy Word that He is calling me to missions, which in my own heart, I would like to stay and pastor my home church. But the Lord tightened His hand upon me.  Though I do not like to go, I believe that God's will is better than my will. His will be done.


In February of 1997, we were invited to attend a World Mission's Conference at Northside Bible Baptist Church.  There are lots of Speakers both Philippine Pastors and American Pastors and Missionaries.  As I am sitting there, listening to preaching and testimonies of the missionaries, watching the videos and slides, The Lord was speaking to my heart where will I go.  Then I understood and assuredly knew that God was leading and calling me to Cambodia.  After the last speaker that last night of the conference and last message was preached and at the last invitation was going on,  I cannot bear it anymore, I know the Lord was calling me to Cambodia. I went forward and say, "Lord here I am, I will go to Cambodia".  I answered God's call.  Peace came to my heart knowing the will of the Lord.  I told my wife about it, and she responded positively.  She was saying, I will support you 100% please answer and follow God's call.  She is a good wife, and I do believe the Lord was working in her heart also. 

Edgar L Asuncion, Missionary


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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