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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live



  This is the correct answer.

All gifts are FREE. 
Even a Christmas Present or a Birthday Gift is given without expected behavior from the receiver.  No one checks our conduct for the past year to see if a Gift is appropriate.  We give Gifts because we love and appreciate others.  Plus, we all know none of us can be good enough.

Salvation came to each saved person, because Jesus was good in our place.  He loved our neighbor in our place.  When we acknowledged that Jesus has done what we could not do and offers salvation freely to us, without any "work" or "value added" on our part, and we receive Him as our saving Saviour,  we are saved, having added nothing. 

This is called Belief or Trust or Faith.  Not only do these not add any value to salvation, they are a detriment or a drag on the process.  One who simply trusts in another, brings nothing to the table.  He or she is baggage or burden and could not even be considered good ballast.

So when Jesus gives us salvation it is truly the GIFT of God and is entirely 100% free.

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