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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


"If any man be in Christ (Saved, Born Again),
he is a new creature (creation, person).
Old things are past away,
behold all things are become new."
The Bible - Book of 1st Corinthians - Chapter 5 - Verse 17

When a person is "in Christ" (Saved, Born Again)
they become a new person.

You will still look like you,
but, as a new person
you receive a new heart.

This is a big change that God makes in you.
This is not a change you make,
although you will need to make many.

What kind of change?

God puts at least this one thing
in every new heart.

A desire to tell others,
"I just got saved."
"I am born again."
"I am forgiven."
"I want to know more and I am going to find out how."
"I am going to heaven. Don't you want to, also?"

This is a big change.
You know you never wanted to say anything like this before.

If God put this in your heart,
then you can say to yourself,
"I must have MEANT my prayer."
"I have the change."
"I have the Proof that Salvation is true and that the Bible is true, because I have the Changed Heart to prove it."

Did you get the change?
      Yes - I got the change        No - I did not get the change