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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


You must call on Jesus
as your Personal Saviour.

The following short prayer
is an example you may choose to follow.

And you will receive the changed heart
if you sincerely pray.

Father, I am a sinner.
I cannot stop sinning.
I cannot save myself.
I cannot forgive myself.
I am calling on Your Son Jesus Christ
   as my Personal Saviour
   to save me from all my sin
   to come into my heart and life
   and change whatever needs changing.
With your help, Jesus
   I am determined
   to live for You
   as Lord of my life.
I am asking Jesus to take me to heaven when I die.

Now, here is a very important word,

If you meant your prayer,
Then you have been forgiven of all sin.

Your sin was paid for 2000 years ago,
and now it is actually forgiven.

We know what you are saying right now.
This is great, but how do I know
if I really meant my prayer.

Let's see.