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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


Every saved person has the Proof.
The evidence is a changed heart AFTER Salvation.

The problem now is this,
most want to see Proof of Salvation
before calling on Jesus as Saviour for Salvation.

Proof does not arrive
until after Salvation.

So the only way to obtain the Proof
is to ask for Salvation by Faith,
not by Proof.

What is the Proof?
A promise of a changed heart!

You will know if you are really saved
by the God-given changed heart,
which comes with being Saved.

Salvation comes by Faith,
but immediately afterwards
Salvation is Proven
by the changed heart.

No getting around it!
You must admit,
if this is True,
any person would want it.

These are the benefits of Salvation:
1. Saved, Born Again into the family of God
2. Born again as a changed person
3. Forever forgiven of all sin, Past and Future
By simply trusting Jesus as your Personal Saviour, then immediately receiving the Proof

Yes, I want the New Birth.
No, I do not want the New Birth.