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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


So ...
* in order to receive the Blood Payment
* down from Heaven
* to Today
* for the Payment and Forgiveness of all sin, Past and Future
* and be saved from the Lake of Fire
* and be Born Again into the Family of God in Heaven,

you must
* call on Jesus' name as your Personal Saviour.

You can easily see
exactly what it takes.

But just seeing or knowing how to be Saved
does not do you one bit of good,
you have to actually do it ...
Call on Jesus as God and Saviour from sin.

Of course we all want to be saved from sin.
There is not a person on the planet,
regardless of religion
regardless of beliefs
regardless of culture
who would not want to be forgiven
* of all sin
* for all time (past and future)
and live forever with a forgiving God,
if all of this is true.

The only problem is,
"Is it True?"
If so, "Where is the Proof?"

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