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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


You are 100% Sure
you are Born Again, Saved. 
That's Great!

Those positive about their eternity, are usually basing this Proof on 1 of 3 reasons or possibly a combination of all 3.  Make your choice from those below.

1 - I am Good                                                                                              00401
I keep the 10 Commandments
I am not as Bad as most others.
I do not deserve to be denied of Heaven
All the above

2 - I am Religious                                                                                       00402
I go to Church
I have been Baptized
I have been Confirmed
I am a Church Member
I have kept the Church Ordinances (Sacraments)
I love God
I Pray
All the above

3 - I am Born Again, Saved                                                                        00403
and I have the God-changed heart to prove it.