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Questions about Salvation and
Living the Christian Life

Table of Contents
* What is the Next Step after Salvation?
* Why should I be Baptized? Baptized again?
* Why should I use the King James Bible?
* Why spend time in Prayer?
* Should I Confess Sin after Salvation?
* What is being a Witness?
* Why should I Join a Church?
* Why can I not go back to my former Church?
* What is Tithing?
* What are the good things I should be doing?
* Can I Lose my Salvation?
* What about those who have never heard of Jesus?
* Are we supposed to Fear God?
* What happens if I sin after Salvation?
* Why does God allow bad things to happen to me?
* How can there be 3 Persons in 1 God?
* What is the Difference between Salvation and Born Again?


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G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
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