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Know Your Christian Life Story

What has happened to you?
If you are leading someone through this booklet have them get straight in their mind as to what has happened to them, salvation wise.

Ask them
* were you saved?
* where were you saved?
* was there a God-made change of heart?

Encourage them
* to retell the story again and again
* to relate Bible stories of others who were saved

He repeatedly retold his salvation experience.

Ask others if they want this for themselves.

Richard Peters tells the story of being on the verge of going into battle at the invasion of the island of Granada.  Their particular task seemed that it might be lethal.  He and the men with him were poised to take off in their vehicle and everyone was obviously afraid, but no one said a word.  Then Richard asked if anyone wanted to pray and every last man immediately responded, "yes."

The point is this.
They all knew the danger involved: they may not survive; and yet no one spoke up for spiritual help.  But when asked if anyone wanted to pray XE "pray" , they all affirmed that it was a good idea. 

The confounding evidence is this: not one would pray without a little coaxing from someone else.
* Even when they knew they needed to
* Even when there was imminent danger

The same with salvation
Many want to pray and ask for their eternal salvation, but very few will, without someone asking.

Our good life
* Our good deeds will not make them pray XE "pray"  and ask for salvation
* Our good life will not make them pray XE "pray"  and ask for salvation
* Our good intentions will not make them pray XE "pray"  and ask for salvation.

But confront them in a sincere, kind manner
Asking them to pray may make a difference.
Most are willing to die first, before asking another to show them the way.

Although confrontation is necessary no one is allowed to
* be obnoxious
* twist arms
* wrangle out half hearted professions

Share what you know and what you got for yourself
Show others how you were saved
* Show others what it can mean for them
* Show others their responsibility


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