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No, I am not
Walking with God

You will be glad you stopped here!

Most believe they must do away with all the sin in their life, before ...
* they can walk with God
* God can walk with them

The beginning of a victorious life is not the complete removal of sin, but is when we begin our communication with the Lord.
* Not just prayer
* Not just Bible reading
* Not just attending church
* Not just ministering

Walking with the Lord is a communion with Him
* Begin to tell Him everything
* Begin to trust Him with everything, in every way
* Begin to thank Him for everything, in every way
* Begin to praise Him for everything, in every way

Make Jesus important to yourself, very important.
Make Him your treasure and your heart will be there, too.

 Matt 6:21 "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

I used to not be able to remember names.  I was like the vast majority.  "I never forget a face, but don't ask me what their name is."

I took a job as a buyer.  I had to remember the names of the outside salesmen, who called on me and the names of the inside salesmen, who did the best job.  It was not very long, until I realized I was remembering everyone's name, who was important to me.  I cared about them and held them in higher esteem.  When I talked to them, I "walked" with them.  They were a treasure to me for my career.  But they also, became a treasure to me, because my heart was with them as well. 
* I admired them. 
* I went to bat for them. 
* I protected them.
* I was thankful for them.
* I bragged on them.

Walk with God.  All these things will come your way and sin will not be as much a problem.

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