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Yes, I am involved
in Church!

You'd probably be anxious
to tell us about your Church

Soul Winning
We wonder if your church is involved in telling others "How to be Saved"?

Your church may be involved
* in supporting others who tell people "How to be Saved"
* in praying for the Salvation of the Lost
* in giving for the Salvation of the Lost
* in teaching members on how to Win the Lost
* in having Revivals for the Salvation of the Lost
* and so on

But do you and your fellow church members make hands-on attempts to Win the Lost?  If you are not sure, the answer is probably, "No".

Get involved in a Soul Winning Church.  If your heart was changed by God at Salvation, you had a desire to see others saved
* Get it back to that desire.
* Get in a Church that has the same vision.

Does your Pastor use the King James Bible? 
Very few churches using other versions of the Bible are personally, actively  involved in Winning the Lost. 

( I do not know of a single church or Christian which uses a Bible other than the King James and is actively attempting to verbally tell others how to be saved.)

Why should you care if the Lost receive a clear Plan of Salvation?
If you had not heard the Plan, you would not have received the changed Heart, proof of your Salvation. 

Is someone depending on you to tell them about how Jesus saves?

A lady saw what I was doing and came up to me and said ...
"I am 59 years old.  Up until 2 years ago, I never told anyone about Jesus being the Saviour.  Then I had an occasion.  It just cropped up.  The person was so happy to hear.  I slowly began to tell others.  Even though I did not consider myself an expert, I felt if I just said anything, it was better than nothing. 
Now I tell people all the time.  Most do not get saved.  I am not the one that saves.  God is, but He cannot begin to work on hearts in a meaningful way, until I at least put a few words about Jesus in their heart to start with."  

The main business of the Church is to take the Good News of Salvation to those who are not saved.  If your Church does not have this as its main business, seek a church that does.

Why is this so important? 
If you were not saved, what would be the most important thing to you? You see, God does not make people do contrary to their will.  He does not force anyone to be saved.  God uses those already saved to take the Gospel to the lost, otherwise there would be no point in leaving us here on earth after salvation.  He also will not make the saved go contrary to their will.  So, each of us must volunteer to spread the Word.

We guide new-born Christians to Independent Baptist Churches.  Not all of them are good.  But they usually preach and teach the Gospel, use the King James Bible and attempt to win the lost. Find one that compares to the above.

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