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You Can Be Saved and Sure of It?
Salvation - New Birth - Eternal Live


How does anyone know
the Bible is True?

What is the Proof? The Evidence?

For me, the verification was elusive.
In 1976, I doubted that the Bible was entirely true
and that a person could be saved before their death.

I began to look at the Bible to disprove it.
The more I looked, the more confused I got.
And at the same time a person, Howard Pierce,
kept telling me he was saved and
he quoted the Bible for his proof.

How could that be proof?
To me, that was like asking someone if they are lying
and then, taking them at their word for an answer.
I just could not believe it.

If it was true, I wanted it. 
But I could not figure out if it was true.
Where is the proof?

I called God's bluff.
I kept thinking,
"What fool would not want to be saved, if it is true?
* If you are saved, you are forgiven of all sin.
* If you are saved, you will live forever with a loving God.
How am I going to find out if Christian Salvation is true?"

I told the Lord,
"I am going to call your bluff.
I am going to jump in with both feet.
If you don't catch me,
I am going to make a big splash."

I didn't put one foot in to test the water.
I jumped with both feet, a step of faith.
(I found later that God will not be tested.)

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
and thou shalt be saved"
The Bible - Book of Acts - Chapter 16 - Verse 31

He caught me.
I placed all my faith in Jesus Christ.
Immediately I was a changed person.
By the next morning I was thoroughly changed.
And none of the changes were made by me.
I did not even know there was going to be a change.
It came as a surprise.  Joyful surprise.

This was the proof.
I was a changed guy.
I still looked the same,
but God had given me a changed heart.

"Therefore if any man be in Christ
Saved, Born Again), he is a new creature:
old things are passed away;
behold, all things are become new."
The Bible - Book of 2 Corinthians - Chapter 5 - Verse 17
Those "in Christ" are new creatures, new creations, new people

Since the Bible promised a changed heart
to those who are Born Again and I got the change,
then the Bible was proven to me.

I had the evidence.
I obtained the verification by faith,
but after receiving it,
I no longer acted on faith, I had the ...
* proof!
* evidence!
* fact!

My evidence was My changed heart.
The Bible is true and I have the change to prove it.

I got my proof, but where is yours?
How do you know that I am telling the truth?
How do you know that the Bible is really true?

This proof is only good AFTER Salvation.
Most want their proof before they jump.
This would not be by faith, but by fact.
God wants us to come to Him by faith,
then afterwards, we get the
* fact
* proof
* evidence

My proof is no good to you.
It is MY proof, I have the changed heart and you do not.
To you it only looks like a bunch of
* hopeful talk
* pie in the sky
* wishful thinking

To get your proof ...
You must receive Salvation by faith.
Then, if you were sincere and truly received it,
you too, will have the changed heart.
This will be YOUR proof.

What is the evidence of having a changed Heart?
God puts in every changed heart
at least this one thing
and much, much more.
But at the very least
and right up front,
he puts in every new heart
a desire to let it be known ...
 * "I got saved."
 * "I am born again."
 * "I am forgiven."
 * "I am going to Heaven, wouldn't you like to know how?"

When the Lord puts the above,
or something like the it
inside of you, even though
you may not be able to explain it,
it is certainly a big change.
You undoubtedly never wanted
to say anything like this before.

Is there further proof?
Yes, I began immediately to claim
the promises of the Bible.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you …” 
The Bible - Gospel of Luke - Chapter 6 - Verse 38

Since being saved, I have given
* money
* time
* assets
* etc.
to the Lord and His work.
He has always given much more in return.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
The Bible - Epistle to the Galatians - Chapter 6 - Verse 7

Sorrowfully, I have also not done what I should have.
During those times of drifting from God,
He was long suffering and patient.
At the end, He allowed me to reap what I had sown.
* Good for good
* Bad for bad

This too, was proof that the Bible is true.

Sometimes it was hard to see the good.
But it was always there, and on time.

Get your own change
Since you are a reasonable person,
and would like to get your own proof.
Simply admit to yourself
 * You cannot forgive yourself
 * You cannot save yourself
Move on towards your own proof
a changed heart.

We are not asking you
to do anything or be anything.
We are simply asking you to see it.
What would it hurt to just look at what it takes?
Remember, too, it is only you
and your computer.
No one else is looking or listening.
Now is the time to find out for yourself.