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What Is
Soul Winning 101?

* Testimony
* Tracts

 1.  Testimony

First and foremost
Realize that Soul Winning is being a Witness for what Jesus Christ has done for you. Nail down your Testimony. Go over again and again how you were saved and what Jesus has done for you since.

Where - When - How
Where, when and how did you receive a witness from someone else?
Where, when and how did you call on Jesus as your Saviour from sin?
Where, when and how did you actually receive salvation?

Write it out
Put your Testimony on paper. Read over it carefully making certain it says what led to your salvation, how you were witnessed to and what did God do for you when you were saved. Do not include the emotional parts because others may not receive the same emotions and thus feel they were never saved. See Salvation Our Stories, then click on "1. Your Testimony can be seen around the world".

Begin to tell others what happened to you
People will say,
"I don't believe in all that stuff"
"I don't go to church any more"
"I never got anything from church"
"I ..."
When they say things like this tell them ...
"Well I don't know about everyone else, but let me tell you what happened to me", then give them your testimony, your experience with Jesus Christ.

If there is not much time, give them the short version, but say something. God can use the smallest thing, turn Him loose in their lives.

Then give them a good tract.

 2.  Tracts

Pick-out a good tract. One that is not too wordy and does not use a lot of words unfamiliar to the lost. Do not use one that seeks to promote your church or ministries. Lost people are not impressed with this. They want help TODAY!, not Sunday.

Do not use tracts that try to scare folks into heaven or use sarcasm (God's first name is not Damn).

I have talked to 1000's and 1000's of people in personal conversations since 1979. Everyone, EVERYONE is concerned about what happens after death. Almost everyone is concerned about love, loving or being loved. Many are concerned about their spouse, children, siblings or parents. Try to find a tract that deals with one of these subjects.

To be effective, a tract must be ...
* Received
* Retained
* Read
A tract must experience the above 3 statements in their order. Nothing happens if it is not received. But even after being received not much happens if it is not retained after being received. It cannot be read if it is not received nor retained. Etc.

Tracts should have a good cover and beginning.
Tracts using illustrations are usually only good for people who have an interest in the that illustration. Plus illustrations tend to make the tract wordy.
When a tract is opened up, does it seem to overwhelm you with a lot of reading or does it seem say something briefly and move on?

Pastors seem to want to use tracts that say everything and say it just right. They are very concerned about doctrine. This is fine for a book, but not for a tract. You are simply planting a seed or maybe watering what others have planted. Do not attempt to plant, water, explain, illustrate, harvest, bundle and package.

And do not use a lot of religious jargon.
No, do not use any religious jargon. Stay away from words like redemption, grace, spiritual, etc. Most people who have been in church all their lives cannot explain what these words mean.

For instance, there are some who can define redemption as being bought for a price, but very, very few can explain the concept to a lost person, much less put it on a paper tract.

Do not go after sounding churchy or religious or spiritual. Use a tract that meets a need, especially:
* What happens after death?
* Does anyone love me or my family?

Put a tract into people's hands.
It is alright to lay them around, but it is best to put it in their hands.

I say this ...
"Bet I never did give you one of these?"
"Did I ever give you one of these?"
"I wouldn't be much of a Christian if I wasn't handing out free stuff."
"I wouldn't be much of a preacher, if I wasn't handing out stuff."

I try to speak personably and caring. I very, very seldom have someone refuse a tract and have distributed over 1/2 of a million as of 2010.


 3.  Move on to a Witness

Most start with tract distribution, but move on to a verbal witness.
Learn to merely speak-up. I generally say something like, "Do you go to church sometimes?" Almost everyone can agree to this question. "In all the churches that you have gone to (this kind of statement does not seem to pick on a certain church or denomination) has anyone ever told you how to be born again?" (I use this rather than saved, etc., because it has a certain mystique to it that stirs curiosity.)
"If I could show you what the Bible says about being born again, you sure would like to see that, wouldn't you?" You will be shocked at the number of people who will say yes.
You can read over the Witness Pamphlet that we use extensively in our Soul Winning Booth. It is very direct and effective. There are even instructions on how to use it.



G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010