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Sharing Jesus
Without Fear

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Becoming Confident & Bold

Table of Contents
* There are 2 areas of a Witness
* This is all for nothing
* The best way to start is with #2
* This is the Point
* Fear is eliminated by repetition

To share Jesus is to tell others about Him and His saving grace.
Other ways of saying the same thing ...
 * Evangelism
 * Soul Winning
 * Personal Evangelism
 * Personal Work

All Christians must get to the point to where they can do this without Fear.
 * Fear of Ridicule
 * Fear of Reprisal
 * Fear of Doing it Wrong
 * Fear of ...

We will not address each one of the above objections and give Bible verses to prove our point.  Everyone knows that this type of work must be done.  What everyone does not know is how to get started.


There are 2 areas of a Witness
#1 Before getting the Bible open.
#2 After getting the Bible open.

Most all conventional training centers around #1.
* How to make introductions.
* How to get attention.
* How to retain attention.
* How to appear interested in the prospect.
* How to turn the conversation to spiritual matters.
* How to get them in the Bible
* And so on.

The reason for all this preliminary work is because the witness does not know exactly what he or she is doing and is trying to make one's self and the prospect as comfortable as possible, especially self.


This is all for nothing
This type of training does not actually work, because the real life situations never fit the classroom coaching, illustrations, etc.


The best way to start is with #2.
Show the trainees how to show the prospect how to be saved from the Bible in a flowing, logical manner that makes sense to a lost person, not necessarily to a Christian.  There is a difference.

Once the trainee understands what needs to be imparted to the prospect and where the verses are, he or she is ready to show someone.

One may think that this is where #1 comes in. 
Not so, instead of having the trainee attempt to get a prospect in front of his open Bible, the coach should do this.


This is the Point.
If the trainee is taken down the street to knock on doors to find a prospect to talk to, it may takes weeks or months to find enough people to get the witness out 2-4 times.

But if the trainee is taken to a Flea Market or Festival and the Coach rounds up the prospects and passes them to the trainee, the trainee can talk to as many as 10 or more in a single day, depending on the crowd level.

Then once the trainee nails down #2, showing the prospect from the Bible, he or she will not have near as much trouble learning #1.  Most, who truly understand the Bible part, are able to get prospects into the Bible with little or no training in #1.


Fear is eliminated by repetition
Confidence rises when the trainee actually sees that people are interested in hearing how to be saved.

The trainee also becomes bold and confident enough to witness to Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Workmates, Schoolmates, etc.  This is also how to build a church.

Contact us.  Compare schedules.  Let us show your Pastor how this works, encourage the members to get started and begin to have an impact on your community.


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