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How you can become
a Soul Winner

You do not have to ...
* buy books and tapes
* be the worlds best Christian
* memorize countless verses for meeting objections

I came across a web site with the following quote ...
"God will give you souls, you just have to want them badly enough."

This is error
The truth is that God wants to save folks more than you ever will.

Since the Lord will not go against anyone's will, He patiently waits for you and I to simply give in to His will and DO SOMETHING, anything to let the Lord loose in the lives of the lost.

Since, also, all soul winners work in conjunction with each other and commonly share the rewards earned in planting and watering and reaping in the lives of the lost, we don't have to do much to keep the ball rolling.

John 4:36 "And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together."

Cutting a little slack
The Lord allows for those who were just saved, as well as those who have never grown, to still have a part in the the winning of the lost.  But He does expect His "Babes" to grow from the primary stages. 

We also should expect of ourselves to grow in personal soul winning.  If ...
* we do not make witnessing a part of our lives and grow with it
* we will eventually taper off and quit. 

So, what can be done to get started and stay at it?
1. Be part of a movement that is winning or at least witnessing to the lost.
2. or, Get into a church where the pastor speaks of having won people recently.
3. or, Get into a Sunday Class where the teacher tells of how he or she has witnessed to someone lately.
4. or, Listen to tapes or watch videos of people who are steadily contacting lost people.
5. or, Find a tract that lends itself to being read with the lost.  We have one called the "Witness Pamphlet".
6. or, Begin to compile a few verses from tracts, etc., that you can use as a witness.  Pick out the ones you like, that speak to you and begin (don't wait until you have it nailed-down, you can only nail-it-down as you go) to put some dialog with them that flows from point to point without much explanation.  After you start this, begin to use it on strangers and teens while handing out tracts and you will soon develop the witness that fits you.

The way to get started...
is memorize a few logical questions.  Remember every one would want to have every sin forgiven and spend eternity with a loving God, if it was true.  EVERYONE!!!

This is what I do ...
* "Do you go to church sometimes?"
The answer makes no difference, it just sets the stage for what I want to ask next.
* "In all of your church going, has anyone ever explained to you, how to be born again?"
I like to use "born again" because it sounds a little mystical to the lost and many have a curiosity towards the term.  Another good term is "eternal life."  I do not like to use "saved."
* If they respond with "Yes, someone has shown me how to be born again", I ask, "If I could show you from the Bible, how you could know for sure, if you really were born again, back when ever, you sure would like to see it, wouldn't you?", as I shake my head in a slight and slow "Yes" motion.  If they agree, then I show them the information that proves or disproves their statement that they have already been born again.
* If they respond with "No, no one has ever showed me how to be born again", I ask a similar question, "If I could show you from the Bible what it takes to be born again, you sure would like to see it wouldn't you?", as I shake my head in a slight and slow "Yes" motion. 
 - If they agree I show them my Salvation Pencil Power Point (or Witness Graphic which can be downloaded and copied).  I do not suggest that you should use this right away, but start with our "Witness Pamphlet" and aggressively work toward a Salvation Pencil Power Point of your own.
 - If they disagree, I thank them kindly, give them a tract they will Receive, Retain and Read, and move-on.  Give someone else a chance to plant, water or reap in their life.

The Lord knows ...
you will do a lot of stumbling and bumbling.  But since He does not need much to get to work Himself, He can use whatever little you give Him and you will still be part of those that "soweth and ... reapeth". You are soul winning when you participate with the sowers and reapers.

It is OK
Take your baby steps, but at the very least take a step and do not take these small steps the rest of your life. Grow in your witness.

The best place to become a soul winner ...
is in a Fair and Festival booth, where you will only talk to those who have already ASKED TO SEE how to be saved.  Contact us to see how this works.


G. Steven Andres
Psalms 45:17
Missionary Evangelist
Copyright - 1996 to 2010