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Everyone Wants
to Be Saved
If it is True ...

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

Table of Contents
* It is True
Everyone want to be saved, if asked the right way
* Proof
Know before you die

No! I am not off my medication
No! I am not an escapee from a rubber duck ranch

It is true 
Everyone wants to be saved.  Including Atheists, Muslims, Agnostics, Dopers, Criminals, God-haters, Darwinists, Pagans, Witches and every other person who has ever inhabited, is inhabiting or shall inhabit this globe. 

I have proved this statement many times to myself and others working in the soul winning booth with me. 


Everyone want to be saved, if asked the right way
The problem is, the doubters have not been asked the right question.

Ask this question and prove it to yourself.

"If you could be forgiven of every infraction to your fellow man and God (if he existed) and if you could live forever with an all powerful, loving, providing God (if he existed) you most certainly would want that, wouldn't you?"

Many when asked this question, will say, "No".  But they are just being prideful and hardheaded.  I tell them ...

"Don't lie to me (in a kind way), there is not a person on the planet who would not want that, if it was true."

That last phrase, "if it is true", makes it easier for them to agree.  Some will still hold out, but when reiterated several times, emphasizing, "if He exists" and "if it is true", everyone, but the mentally ill and drunks will agree, as well they should, it is a reasonable statement. 

They will say ...

"Well yeah, if there is such a thing as salvation."
"Well OK, if there is a God."
or something like the above.

Then I say,

"The problem here is not whether you want it, everyone would want it, if it is true.  The problem here is whether it is true or not.  Right?  And if it is true, where is the proof?  Right?"


Everyone agrees with this statement.  Everyone!  Now this proves my first statement that "Everyone wants to be saved", because the results of salvation are so wonderful.  Now it is time to go further and uncover the proof.

I had 3 Muslims (these men just happened to be Muslim, they were sincere and fervently committed to Islam, I did not attempt to put them down) come to the booth at Fiesta in San Antonio.  They were trying to argue with one of our men.  Our man gave them good scriptures, but the scriptures he used were not addressing their real question.  Is Christianity TRUE?  And if true, where is the proof?

They were about to leave, when I butted in and said,

"I don't want to argue, but the way I see it, you are open to the truth, because you are reasonable men. 

I am here to tell you that I have the truth and I have the proof that I have the truth.  Now you are not phrasing this verbally, but you are saying in your heart, 'show me your proof?'"

They nodded with their heads in an affirmative manner.

I didn't need to go into the fore stated question written again below ...

"If you could be forgiven of every infraction to your fellow man and God (if he existed) and if you could live forever with an all powerful, loving, providing God (if he existed) you most certainly would want that, wouldn't you?"

They were already past this part, they wanted to see the proof that Christianity was true.

"In 1976 I realized that I was a sinner and that I could not forgive myself nor save myself from all my sin.  A man told me that Jesus Christ was the Saviour and that I had to call on Him as my personal God and Saviour to be forgiven and saved."

"You are saying, 'I don't believe that.'  I don't blame you, neither did I."

"Again, later, he told me this and he boxed me into a corner where I felt like I had to agree with him, but did not fully place all my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and God."

"A week later this man told me the same thing again.  I did not know if it was true or not, but I knew I could not forgive or save myself.  So I said, I am going to call God's bluff.  I am going to jump in with both feet.  Not just test the waters, but with both feet, by faith in Jesus as my God and Saviour, I jumped in.  He caught me."

"You are still saying, 'I don't believe that.'  I can honestly say, that I didn't fully believe it either until the next morning.  This is when I got the proof.  It was the life changing, unmistakable proof."

"I became a changed person.  I did not change myself.  I did not even know a change was suppose to happen.  God changed me.  Now watch closely, the proof is coming and you don't want to miss it."

"The Bible says, 'if any man be in Christ (saved or born again) he is a new person'."

"When I woke up the next morning I was a new person.  God changed person.  I did not make any changes myself.  I didn't even know about the change ahead of time."

"I received the change the Bible promises to all who are forgiven and saved from their sin by my personal God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I got the change
* I got the proof that the Bible is true, when I got the change that the Bible promises.
* I got the proof that that Jesus is my personal Saviour and God, because when I called on Him in that manner, I got the change the Bible promises."

"Now, you are saying to yourself.  'You may have the proof, but I don't'."

"The proof is available to you.  But it does not come first.  It comes after you place your trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and God, to forgive and save you."

"You see you must first come to Him by faith as your Saviour and God, then you get the proof."

"You do not get the proof first and then call on Him as Saviour and God.  This is why it is called faith."

"You have faith in what Mohamed said.  And you will get the proof whether it is true or not.  But after death is too late to change your mind, if faith in Mohamed is not the true way."

"Your faith must carry you the rest of your life.  My faith only carried me a split second, then I got the proof.  Admitted, the first time I called on Jesus as my personal Saviour and God, I was just going through the motions.  But, when I became sincere and placed full faith in Jesus Christ as my personal God and Saviour, I got the proof."

"Now the ball is in your court.  It is up to you to accept by faith and receive your own proof or reject and find your own proof after you die, which is also too late to be saved.  I am sure you would like to receive your own proof right now, wouldn't you?"

They refused.  But they had no rebuttal because all the argument was gone.  At that point it was time to put up or bow out.  They bowed out.

Even though they did not make a profession in Jesus Christ as their personal God and Saviour, God has now got something to work with.  He has something with which to pry and tug at their heart. 


Know before you die
There is proof that Christian salvation is true and it can be had before you die. 
* Remember, I did not get saved the first time I heard it. 
* Remember too, if you wait until after you die to see the proof of whether you are right or wrong, you will see it, but it will be too late to be saved.

The conversation had got down to proof and the ball was in their court.  They had to decide (not necessarily at that moment) ...
* if they were going to live by faith the rest of their life, then see the truth or
* live by faith for a split second and live by proof the rest of their lives and eternity.

 1 Cor 3:6 "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase."

We tell it, we nurture it, God gives the proof when He saves.

Do you have the proof?

Find out how to be saved.


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