in a Soul Winning Booth

How do Workers use the Witness Pamphlet?
* Go through the Witness Pamphlet slides or read through the Witness Pamphlet Instructions.  Both of these are so very simple the Worker could probably start right in the next step below.
* Read through the Witness Pamphlet 5-6 times or more to get a feel for where it is trying to take the prospect
* Try it out on a helpful friend to nail down the questions

1. Show-up for your shift
2. Be there on time
3. Come prayed up

The Booth (pictures) is almost always very small
Many come to work in the booth and are immediately discouraged by how small the booth is.  They feel cramped and want more privacy.  Some even spill over into neighboring booths (which is strictly forbidden).  This is just the flesh. 
* The more people in the booth the better. 
* The prospects are more comfortable when it is crowded. 
* More prospects are apt to sit down when it is crowded.
* Close-quarter cooperation has never hurt anyone.

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* Introduction
* Age
* How Workers fit in
* How do Workers use the Witness Pamphlet?
* How do Workers use the Decision Card?

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