in a Soul Winning Booth

Since Soul Winning is serious business, distractions with children should be eliminated.  Junior age and down should not be in the booth.  Simply have ladies with younger children offer to keep each other's kids while working.

Well Meaning
There are always well meaning parents who want their children to be present in soul winning situations for them to see and experience the occasion.  If this is the case, have parents bring them by the booth when they are not working, so they can take the time to show and explain what is going on.  If the parent is working in the booth, he or she would not be able to help the child understand nor explain how it all works.

A few junior age children have already won a soul or more.  Of course we rejoice.  But there would be no occasions in the booth for such a young soul winner to witness.  We do not witness to children 12 and under, unless we obtain their parents permission.  Usually the parent is lost and needs an experienced teen or adult to handle the situation.

Therefore, we suggest Workers should be members who are mature teenagers or older.

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