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Witness Pamphlet
to be read with your prospect

The following ...
may seem to be diametrically opposed to what you have seen or read about soul winning.  Please do not think we are trying to down-grade what others are doing.  They have specific situations in which they deal and some have developed excellent material for those situations. 

Tried and Proven
We have worked on our methods since 1979 and have tried and proven them with 10's of 1000's of prospects and 100's of workers. 
These are not untried ideas for you to test. 
* We have done the testing
* We have seen the proof

Our methods do not promise salvation. 
Only God can do the saving.  This pamphlet and others are tools which present the plan of salvation to willing hearts.  Like all other tools, our Witness Pamphlet ("Why be born again?") is designed to do a certain job: lead prospects to the Lord while in a soul winning booth.

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