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Witness Pamphlet
to be read with your prospect

"Now - How can you know (the proof) ?"

Another rhetorical question
It is answered by II Corinthians 5:17.  God makes a change in the new Christian, every new Christian.

"What is the change that God makes?"

Another rhetorical question
It is answered by the witness of God in the new Christian's heart that he or she is forgiven and looking to heaven as home.  Also, the new Christian is going to want to know ...
* more about what has happened
* where to find the answers?
* who would be helpful?
* is there more about Jesus?

"Now the Question is this
Did you get the change, the proof?"

This question is answered by the prospect.  Very few will deny they did not receive it.  Use this as an opportunity to have the prospect complete a Decision Card to gather follow-up information. 

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