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Witness Pamphlet
to be read with your prospect

Explaining the Prayer before asking to Pray
We feel it is vital to show a person what is expected, before asking for compliance.  Asking a prospect to commit to the unknown, may receive a negative reply. 

"You ask by Praying something like the following ..."  Then read through the prayer.

Ask for a Decision
"Is this what you want to do?" 
This question is not on the pamphlet, but in light of what has already been said, it begs to be asked and anticipates a reply from the prospect.

When the prospect agrees, the Worker
* can read the prayer, a phrase at a time, to the prospect - or
* can allow the prospect to read the prayer from the tract page - or
* can have the prospect compose his or hers own prayer - or
* can come up with an extemporaneous prayer for the prospect

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