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The answer to how we ruined the first birth
Romans 3:23
establishes that everyone is a sinner and because we are sinners, we cannot get into God's glory, which is Heaven. Our first birth or life is ruined.

"So what happens to sinners?"
This is a rhetorical question, not needing an answer.  The last half of Revelation 21:8 answers the question.   They end up in the lake of fire and brimstone having died ...
* a physical death
* a soul death
... because of being judged guilty of sin and condemned to eternal punishment.

"Where is God's love in your condemnation?
Another rhetorical question.  The answer is in Romans 5:8.  God reveals His love through His Son coming to die the above death. We deserved to die the second death, but Jesus took our place.

The statement that Jesus did not die for all of us, but for each of us attempts to notify the prospect that he or she is 100% to blame and that Jesus 100% died for him or her.
Some may interject: "But I was not there."
Answer: "True, but He had you and your sins in mind while on the cross."

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