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Which Church
is right for me?


Getting Started
This set of slides will stick to the basics.

Since you are reading these pages because you have been saved or even recently saved, through the efforts of a local Baptist Church you will want to know what the Baptists are doing.

We will not get into the arguments about ...
* which church was first
* which has the true doctrine
* etc. 
If you got the changed heart when you called on Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, then you know from your own personal experience that you were told the truth and told correctly by the folks from a Baptist Church.  So let's just go from there.

If you came to this page ...
* without being told how to be saved, go here first, or
* you were told how to be saved, but did not receive the change, go here first, or
* you were told how to be saved and received the change heart, then continue to the next paragraph.

"Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith"  1 Timothy 1:2

The Apostle Paul wrote 2 letters to a young man, named Timothy, who was his son in the faith, Paul had shown him how to be saved and Timothy followed him in the type church he should attend.

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