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Which Church
is right for me?

Choose a Church which reaches-out to the general public

Earnest Evangelism
Do prospective churches have some or all of the following ...
* bus route to pick up children? 
* door to door ministry to find prospects to hear the gospel?
* youth ministry touching children outside the congregation?
* ladies' Bible study for the members and other ladies in the community?
* men's group for members and other men in the community
* outreach at a flea market
* Back-Yard Bible School

Not necessarily glamorous
Evangelistic outreach does not have to be well funded or highly organized, just active.
If they have no programs for touching the community with the good news that Jesus is Saviour, or if they have a couple of annual events, then they would not have found you and told you.  Look for a church who is extending a hand and actually seeing people being saved.  This type of church will likely extend a hand to ...
* you
* your family
* your friends

"To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you"
2 Corinthians 10:16

In the regions beyond the church doors, the city limits and the country in which you live.

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