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Which Church
is right for me?


Why can't I continue to go to my former Church?
I wonder why your old church never told you how to be saved? Again, you know that salvation is true, because you have the changed heart to prove it. Certainly you would want to learn more about salvation. Not to be further saved (there is no such thing) or to keep your salvation (the Lord is in charge of that).

It is not a matter of choosing what you want or like or where you family has always gone.  It is a matter of finding the right congregation of people who have received the same changed heart that you received.

"walk not as other Gentiles (non-Jews) walk, in the vanity of their mind"  Ephesians 4:17

The Apostle Paul is warning those who are recently saved to not live like the rest, which is doing what ever you think or others think is right.  Do what the Lord thinks is right.

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