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Follow-up Pamphlet

Contact Information

The imprint shows our contact information.  Churches should download this pamphlet and edit with their own.  Include web info.

A good practice is to use a "Landing Page" on your web site, just for new converts from soul winning at Public Events, Bus Route, Door to Door, etc., then put the Landing Page address on related literature.

Thus, visitors are steered to the Landing Page(s) pertinent to them.  Then redirected to ...
* a Salvation page
* an Assurance page
* a Youth Group page
* a Times and Location page
* a Bus Route schedule page
* a Ladies Bible Study page
* etc., the list is endless

We hope the need for a church web site has become apparent and that there should be more on it than a picture of the buildings.  Remember, the public wants to know how you can help them.  They are not interested in what you do amongst the saints.  If you do not know what I mean, then probably most of the people in your city do not know nor care what your church is doing.

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