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Then point to the church and say, "The Next Step is Church.  Do you go to church sometimes?"
(This wording leaves the prospect in a non-defensive position)

They almost always say, "Yes."
(Grateful you did not say weekly) 

We say, "I wonder why it is that your Church has never told you how to be saved?  Hmmm, I don't know, but if you got the changed heart, you know salvation is true, and if so, you will want to tell family and friends and you will want to know more. 

Get into a church which preaches and teaches what you just heard.  We recommend this church working in the booth with us.  All of these people love the community enough to come out and share the Good News.  No one stands to gain anything except satisfaction in knowing a few got the same changed heart they received.

See "Which Church" slides.

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