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Team Soul Winning
in a Public Event Booth

Shift Leaders Contact Prospects

Shift Leaders make-up half the Team
One or two work up front, using our 3+3+3 = Seated Method to ...
* Greet - Asking prospects the first of three questions as they pass by
* Meet - Discovering with a second question the prospect's eternal destination
* Seat - With a third question the prospect answers by ASKING TO SEE how to be born again and is passed to a Worker at a counseling table (Workers make up the other half of the Team)

Shift Leaders do not have to deal with ...
* Objections
* Questions
* Confrontation issues
* Hours of classroom training
* Personality issues
* Inexperience
Everything is covered with the use of the 3+3+3 = Seated Method

Shift Leaders are trained
* 1 hour special session
* How to use the 3+3+3 = Seated Method
* Shown how to guide the booth Workers

Shift Leaders and Workers split the duties
* Shift Leaders work up front
* Workers work at the counseling tables

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Shift Leaders Contact Prospects
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