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Soul Winning Without Fear
in a Public Event Booth

No need to Answer Objections or Questions

The Shift Leader may encounter a few questions, but does not have to answer any of them.  He simply repeats the last question:
"But if we could show you what it takes to be born again, you sure would like to see it, wouldn't you?"

For instance: "A prospect says I don't believe in being born again."
The Shift Leader simply recites or re-says the 3rd Question, "But if we could show you what it takes to be born again, you would like to just see it, wouldn't you?  Not asking you to do it or believe it, just see it, what would it hurt?"

The Worker seldom encounters questions, because he or she goes right into the witness.  If the prospect does ask a question, the Worker simply replies, "That's a good question, we can address that in a few minutes"  and keeps going with the witness.

If on a rare occasion, a prospect insists on asking a lot of questions or make contradictory statements, either pass them to a Worker with more experience or let them go, and wait for the next prospect.

Remember ...
a prospect wanting to teach you cannot be taught by you.  You have done your part and can be content with your actions. 

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