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Soul Winning Without Fear
in a Public Event Booth

Inexperience is not a Problem

The Shift Leader and Workers are not required to have prior experience.  The Shift Leader must practice the delivery of the 3 Questions ahead of time, but is seating prospects effectively in 10-20 minutes.

Soul Winning without Anxiety is possible,
because all Prospects hear the same Script
Shift Leaders and Workers know exactly what they are going to say to every prospect.  The Shift Leader using the same 3 Questions and the Worker reads from the same Witness Pamphlet.  After 4-6 prospects the Worker is so familiar with the Witness Pamphlet, most just use it as an outline. 

The Pre-composed Lines ...
* do not appear stiff
* do not sound contrived
* do not make booth workers seem like poor actors
We have worked public events since 1979 and are certain that prospects do not care if the witness is ...
* memorized
* written
* printed 
They have no idea what is "supposed to be".  They only want the information.

The Worker, using the Witness Pamphlet, starts right-in without any experience taking a prospect to a decision, flowing from point to point in a logical manner.

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* Without Confrontation
Without Experience
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Soul Winning as a Team

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