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Something for Everyone
in the Soul Winning Booth

A Place for Seating Prospects

Finds Prospects to whom Workers Witness

This person is called the Shift Leader, because he or she directs traffic and keeps the soul winning booth operational. 

The Shift Leader uses our 3+3+3=Seated method for Greeting, Meeting and Seating Prospects to whom the Workers will witness.

Most imagine this to be the most difficult job in the booth.  Actually, people who have come to just pass out tracts have detected how easy it is and go right into it in the first few minutes, without ever learning how to witness at the counseling tables.  The Seating Method is that simple, especially when observed in operation.
* 3 Questions
* 3 Doors
* 3 Minutes

* How to Choose a Shift Leader for a Soul Winning Booth

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* Something for Everyone
Fear Kills
Overcoming Fear
Christians want to Share
A Place to Observe
A Place to Distribute Tracts
A Place to Learn Witnessing
A Place to Witness
A Place to Seat Prospects

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