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Something for Everyone
in the Soul Winning Booth

A Place to Witness, Testify

Only Interacts with Prospects
who have ASKED TO SEE how to be saved

The Shift Leader seats prospects to whom this Worker is to witness.  (more about Shift Leader in next slide)

The Worker doing the witnessing ...
* Does not have to find prospects
* Does not have to confront prospects
* Does not have to deal with objections
* Does not have to memorize a script
* Uses a Witnessing Pamphlet designed to be read to or with prospects
* Only witnesses to prospects ASKING TO SEE it

This Worker, like all the rest, has full confidence that God does the saving and is looking for someone in which to plant the seed or possibly water it.  This level is as easy as the rest.

The Witness can get started immediately with ...
* Hands-on experience
* Someone at arms length to help when needed
* Lots of prospects to gain much expertise - valuable experience

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* Something for Everyone
Fear Kills
Overcoming Fear
Christians want to Share
A Place to Observe
A Place to Distribute Tracts
A Place to Learn Witnessing
A Place to Witness
A Place to Seat Prospects

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