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Something for Everyone
in the Soul Winning Booth

A Place to Learn to Witness

Worker watches and listens to others witness

This person watches from a chair at the counseling tables
As a prospect is seated by a Shift Leader, he or she pulls up a chair to observe a witness in progress. For all the prospect knows, the one who is not speaking may be training the one witnessing or is wanting to hear how to be saved, too, so there is no need for this Worker to feel self-conscious.

25 to 50% of those wanting to learn, go on to have prospects make a profession of faith.  When their pastor is in the booth, these percentages are much higher.  They are able to receive better help from someone who knows how and is recognized as their leader.

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* Something for Everyone
Fear Kills
Overcoming Fear
Christians want to Share
A Place to Observe
A Place to Distribute Tracts
A Place to Learn Witnessing
A Place to Witness
A Place to Seat Prospects

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