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Public Events Director

How to Choose a Director
This not the Shift Leader, although the Director should serve as a Shift Leader, unless the event is very long and there is an abundance of Shift Leaders.

The Director must have the following ...
 * qualities   * convictions   * preferences
Abilities maybe immature, but present to some extent

1. Soul Winner
Must be an active soul winner.  Not just know how, but is using it.
2. Leadership ability
3. Character
Without character, efforts are wasted and money is squandered
4. Delegation
Must have the confidence to appoint leaders and allow them to execute
5. Execute
Must be able to follow-up on personal duties and delegations to others
6. Problem Solving
Must have analytic and diagnostic abilities to remove obstacles
7. Coach
Must be able to impart ideas as well as practical applications and coach and accept coaching from superiors
8. Inspiration
must be able to receive inspiration and impart it
9. Heart to serve Christ
There is no place for PRIDE.
10. Administrates
Must be able to assimilate ...
* People    * Plans    * Paperwork
11. Believes in the Church
 * Attendance    * Membership    * Standards    * Service


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