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Pastoral Leadership

Do not use reverse leadership
Where the pastor turns over the ministry to a director who may be the only one volunteering for the work. Then the volunteer passes information back to the pastor, if he or she ...
* Sees fit
* Has time
* Has something to relate
* Thinks the pastor should be involved

In a small church situation, the Pastor will probably have to be the Director.

When training leaders for any ministry ...
* Appoint in the presence of the whole church
* Relate the ministry program
* Set dates
   - Dates can be pushed around ahead of time
   - Constant date-pushing is a sign of lack of character
* Meet for progress discussions
   - Remind Director the meeting is coming
   - Director must have notes on progress at meeting
   - Do not let meetings or progress notes be put off repeatedly

Meetings can be ...
* In person
* On the phone
* After church
* Never delegated to spouse or helper
* Never put off because there is nothing to report
If there is nothing to report, then report why there is nothing to report?

People without character will ...
* Miss meetings
* Not return phone calls
* Constantly tardy
* Blame others
* Not be up to date with progress reports
* Not carry out directives or agreements
* Not accumulate skills

Everyone fails
No one is to be admonished for failure.  Admonishment is for ...
* Those who do not try
* Those who blame others
* Those who make excuses
* Those who cannot see or understand the need
* Those who do not lead the leaders under them

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