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Meeting Objections
Using the "3 Questions"


How can a Shift Leader meet all the objections prospects have to offer using only the "3 Questions" and still seat the prospect for a witness?

Actually we use only the 3rd Question to meet objections.

Remember, the prospect has just seen the last of the 3 Doors, which says, "God CANNOT let us into Heaven, unless we are Born Again."  Then we ask the 3rd Question.

"But if we could show you what the Bible says about how to be born again, you sure would like to see it, wouldn't you?

They usually at this point, make their objection.  Then we use the 3rd Question again, to meet that objection.

No matter what the prospect says, other than "OK", we repeat this 3rd Question.

Objections are almost never offered because the prospect really has a conviction in regards to the protest.  The objection is an auto-pilot reflex, because he or she thinks we are wanting them to DO or BE something.

The same 3rd Question is repeatedly asked because the prospect is not listening closely.  Our Question is not an invitation to BE born again, but just to SEE what it takes to be born again.  The large majority of prospects are very slow to understand this, but will agree to SEE it, when they comprehend the nature of our question.

The following is a true and powerful statement ...
"By not addressing their objection, all of the confrontation is taken out of the situation." 
No one is ...
* being contradicted
* being belittled
* being put in a bad light
* having their arm twisted for compliance
* made to feel second class
* made to defend a position

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