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Meeting Objections
Using the "3 Questions"

"I have lost my salvation."

Meeting the Objection:
We take a little different tact on this.  The prospect may have already been saved.  If this is so, and we go through the plan and get to the end, they often say, "I have already done that."

To avoid this waste of time
There are 3 reasons why a person thinks they may have lost their salvation. 

Ask ...

1. Has someone shown you from the Bible how to be saved?

(use the word save, instead of born again)
* If Yes, go to the next question
* If No, show them the plan.

2. When someone showed you how to be saved, were you saved at that time?

* If Yes, go to the next question
* If No, show them how they can know if they were saved at that time

I like to show them in 2 Corinthians 5:17, that God makes a heart-change, then explain what the change is and is not, then ask, did you get the change?
* If Yes, go to the next question
* If No, go back to 1

3. You have asked to be saved, and you have the changed heart to prove you were saved, but you still feel you may have lost it?

* If Yes, take them to some verses you like to use to give assurance of salvation - but be sure you show them that salvation cannot be lost 
* If No, they have misunderstood 1 and/or 2

1 John 5:13 does not prove you cannot lose salvation, but it proves you can know if you were ever saved or not.  Think about it.

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